My first Post

Hello everybody !

Welcome to my first post here! My name is Manel and I’m opening this blog to share happiness, positive thinking and life facts. So, Let’s be happy !

I’ve started to take it easy and think positively a few months ago. I’ve created a twitter account ( @iHappiest ) and I have got about 300 followers. I’m really surprised that there are many people who are interested on happiness.

I’m convinced that happiness isn’t something we should consider only when things are going well neither when it’s going badly. We should consider happiness whatever condition life happens to offer.

This is the first time I open a blog and I wish I can share more happiness and facts with people all around the word. Wish me the best of luck.




2 thoughts on “My first Post

  1. Je viens de decouvrir ton blog il est magnifique … et ma joie quand j’ai decouvert que tu etais tunisienne ♥ je le suis aussi ! J’adore l’esprit de ton blog keep it up !♥♥♥

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