The Color’s Power

Sometimes we are ahead, sometimes we are behind. The race is long and we try to hide or show some personality attributes. However colors we wear can says a lot of our personality.
Dark colors are perceived as formal and authoritative, while light colors make the wearer appear more friendly and approachable. Bright colors convey confidence while muted colors are conservative and less threatening.
  • Black is a strong color, it conveys leadership, while brown conveys the message that you’re simple and slow to change.
  • Gray sends a message of being rock solid, wise and reliable.
  • Blue gives the impression that the person is a team player. However, navy sends a message of being honest and credible.
  • Red is a color of power. It comes across as bold and assertive.
  • White gives the feeling of being organized.
  • Green is a color often associated with a sense of calm and wellbeing, as well as wealth and prosperity.
  • Purple sends a message of being artistic and unique, while yellow signifies optimism and creativity.
Research have revealed that contrasting colors can send a message, too: “The higher degree of contrast–wearing black and white, or navy and white, for example–the more powerful you will appear,” as the New York image and style expert Carol Davidson says. “The lower the degree of contrast, the more approachable and friendly you seem.”
Psychologists say that colors has a lot of power, it can calm you, make you hungry, and even put you in the mood for love.
Color can make HAPPY !
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