The art of cropping images

Hello !

I love photography. I’m taking photos all the day using my phone. I try to catch every beautiful moment to share it on social media. But sometimes, beauty is hidden in details. So I have to crop my photos or to zoom in before posting it on Instagram.

I’m writing this simple tutorial to give you five powerful techniques that helps you cropping your photos. You can improve some ordinary images and turn them into something stylish.

Choose the crop format

The first reason to make me interested on cropping photo is to fit the frame on Instagram. When I take photos using my phone, they are rectangular. So I found that resizing it can change completely the focus on the image.

                 13036486_1051321138242994_431656063_o             12999504_1051321171576324_1676546875_o

This photo was taken on a parking on my way to work, you can see that after cropping it, you may thought I was on a wood that morning.

Focus on the main subject

When we take a photo, we are normally catching a subject (or many subjects). Crop the distracting elements in the background to preserve the main interesting points. It will be easy to focus on it.

                  13052631_1051320231576418_84206617_o            13016620_1051320054909769_1032742576_o

I want to focus on the fountain, so that I put it on the center of the photo. We can’t see the border or the building around it.

Crop your images to preserve the best portions

This is one of the points relieving the power of this technique. Sometimes an ordinary image taken on the road can be transformed to a fascinating portrait. Remove the parts that doesn’t contribute to the effect.

                  13009716_1051319951576446_1858100449_o            13036502_1051319978243110_855386968_o

I want to catch the blue sky and this part of the tree. So why should I show you the ugly buildings on the background?


Zoom closely to highlight the details. It can be fascinating to change the focus of the image.

                   13054606_1051320454909729_257130302_o            13036596_1051320428243065_136805287_o

Zooming on the spring flowers is just amazing. Here is a proof that beauty is hidden on the details.

Be creative

Cropping or Zooming are technique of resizing that can help you take a beautiful photo. But you have to be creative. The composition of the original photo should draw a scene, a subject, something you want to show. The way you see it, will contribute to the overall effect. So be creative, be you.

I was patient while taken this photo. I tried different corner to have a better background and to be closer to the subject.

         13000683_1051339748241133_2087456077_o     13036330_1051339794907795_1447808829_o       12991769_1051339771574464_386222296_o

I’m using mainly Instagram to crop image, or to zoom on details. But I use also other filters to correct the luminosity or highlight some details. Tell me if you are interested so that I can write an other post on these topic. Welcome to all your questions or propositions.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.